We’re a curious pair who don’t understand the word ‘No’. If we spot an opportunity we’ll design, code, and self-publish our ideas. These self-initiated, curiosity projects, keep us supple, they keep us sane and they’ve also got us into some rather swanky do’s.

First World Tarot

For halloween, we updated tarot cards to tell modern day fortunes.

We teamed up with the artist Stedhead to create a playful contemporary twist on traditional tarot cards. Each card has been redesigned to be relevant to today’s first world problems.

The redesigned deck was exhibited in an interactive fortune telling installation at the W+K London office, accompanied by a custom soundscape with a spooky voice over.


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For Valentine’s day, we got together with a couple of pals and made L.U.V Drugz. An experimental concoction that combines 15 of the most common (and potent) aphrodisiacs known to man, cut together to make one big pill bursting with true love. We sold them over the Dark Web on Alpha Bay, the eBay of the internet underworld. You can get this incredible combo delivered right to the safety of your doorstep in a suitably sinister teddy bear or old rom-com DVD case, for only $25, or roughly 0.03 bitcoin.

Fiddling with:

  • Dark Web

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Brexit Belly

With all the opinions and data flying around in the days leading up to the ‘Brexit’ vote, we wanted to find a way to collect all the poll data and simplify it in a visual way to make it clear, are we in or out? Brexit Belly was born. Scrapping a number of key opinion poll websites, the belly button moved from in to out depending on the real-time data. It also provided key information counting down to events such as the closing of voter registration, voting opening and voting closing. A couple of thousand people visited our online belly, and 28% of people clicked through to learn how to register. A small success in a torrid state of affairs.

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Project ‘Do’

Project ‘Do’ is an idea we dreamt up and made. We wanted to explore the data being collected by first generation wearable fitness trackers (Woooooo 4 buzz words). We asked what we could create that would motivate folk stay on track and reach their activity goals each day. Our idea: ‘Do’ – a web service and Chrome extension that hooks up your online browsing activity to your real-world physical activity. In a deprivation strategy ( Jon Steel – would be proud of) ‘Do’ would lock you out of the sites you loved most until you did… a little more.

The web service taped into the FitBit API; We crafted an algorithm that at any point could forecast how close a user was to completing their goals, before judging how much of a facebook fix they were entitled to.

Fiddling with:

  • Wearable Tech
  • Sociable Behaviour
  • Chrome Extensions
  • FitBit Api

Subway Interactive YouTube Video

Subway – the sandwich folk that let you build your sandwich your way.

Our buddies wrote a TV spot for the brand; We wondered why not have the tv ad your way too?

We took their film and made it an interactive YouTube film that would allow folk to remix the ad any way they choose. Putting the film together over a couple of nights, it contained 3354 annotations, that we created programmatically and uploaded using code. How much did it cost the client, zero.

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Vauxhall Alert Radio

We were reading, half reading, New Scientist magazine recently when we came across an article about a Professor who was using beta wave audible technology (super low frequencies) to help keep his students alert during classes.

This jolted us towards a radio innovation idea. What if we could put a new take on sound mnemonics in adverts and create one that was genuinely useful? Placing these low frequencies in our adverts we could ‘caffeinate’ car drivers, who are out on the road late at night.

It played out between the hours of 2am and 6am, when most accidents related to tiredness occur.

Hyphen Killer

Jay-Z announced to the globe he was dropping the hyphen in his name to become Jay Z. The news of this tiny dash sent the internet nuts. We created Hyphen killer a site that would allow you to team up with the big man and exterminate more hyphens around the internet. The site was picked up by various music blogs across the States, we even got interviewed by a hip-hop magazine.

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Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend. A massive band with a global following heard about our little film Vinetune. They asked us to direct an interactive film for their upcoming album, Modern Vampires of the city. WTF? We couldn’t believe it. The new album would be an ode to the buildings and streets that form urban life. We proposed we make an endless road movie, made from the films people shoot out of windows as they pass through towns. The project didn’t happen in the end, but it could of been spectacular.



Sprout Shooter

Ad agencies love doing wacky shizzle come Christmas, and they love doing that with little or zero spend.
We dreamt up and built ‘Sprout Shooter’ an Arduino micro-controlled game that allowed clients to shoot the sh*t out of moany agency types from the comfort of their own office.

Fiddling with:

  • Arduino
  • Websockets
  • Soldering Irons
  • Ping Pong Balls